Highlights of 2016

I'm always shocked by how quickly twelve months seem to fly by but here I am once again commenting on the rapidity with which 2016 has already come to a close.

Either I have a terrible memory or an incredibly protective subconscious mind that has eliminated all the bad stuff, but 2016 was a fairly good year.
Looking back I can't say I've had any significant lows. I've experience my share of disappointments as have most people but nothing that has left me with battle scars. To be honest I can only attribute it to lots of prayers. It was certainly not through any actions of my own but through the divine blessings of God.

As I'm was going through the pics of all the things I did in the year, I was really overwhelmed by how blessed I am. There were so many wonderful and amazing memories I could draw from and it was challenging selecting the photos that would represent the highlights of the year. Here are the ones I finally settled on.

Birthday trip to Boston with my mom in March

Finally went ahead and chopped of my hairs!

Got the car I wanted and had obsessed about for months

My godson Logan was born. 

Reunited with one of my besties!

Went to Costa Rica with my girlies

Hopped over to Nicaragua for a day trip

Stood at the edge of an active volcano

Shellorne came to town and we finally hit up the Essence Block Party!

 Reunited with my friend Buffy after many years of separation

Met Angela's sweet baby Eryk 

Had a wonderful pre-Christmas celebration with 2 of my lovely friends

Spent Christmas holiday in San Diego with my mom
I know that 2017 will not be without challenges but if it's anything like 2016, I'll be happy.
Wishing you all the best for 2017!!!