Weekend Recap #2

Hey lovelies,
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the lovely weather.
The temps this weekend were just perfect for me. Not too hot and not too cold. After two days of high eighties and nineties heat wave in the week, I was happy for the reprieve that cooler days have brought.

Saw this on Insta and it really summed up my feelings as I sat writing this post on Sunday. LOL

I really didn't do much since I woke up on Saturday with an annoying headache. I stayed home and lounged about in pjs for the better part of Saturday and Sunday.
My new mattress came on Saturday and I was excited to finally be able to enjoy the plushness. It's worth the money, every single penny.

Although I put myself on a spending fast, I realize that I actually suck at it. I have a weakness for TJ Maxx. I took my mom there to get some new sheets and ended up buying some things for myself.
I found this awesome swimsuit. How gorgeous is this color? The best part is that it fits like a dream.The brand is Ellen Tracy which at only twenty four bucks is a steal; I would have been a fool to pass it by.

I am ridiculously obsessed with all things off the shoulder. I literally buy anything I find that's off the shoulder so when I saw these dresses for seventeen bucks each, again could not pass them by.
Gingham is really in right now and I love the trend but wouldn't want to spend any more than that on something that will only be in for a season.

They fit great and are lightweight. They'll be prefect for my upcoming vacation.
Speaking of vacation, I also spent some time making the final bookings for all my accommodations. I found some fantastic deals for Siem Reap and Kuala Lumpur. Singapore turned out to be the most expensive place to find accommodations.
I was not prepared for the high costs especially after finding places for seventeen bucks a night. I hemmed and hawed a lot and went back and forth between Airbnb and a traditional hotel. I ended up going with a hotel because the prices were pretty similar and if I'm going to shell out that much money I might as well have the conveniences of a hotel.

Made a few more flight bookings. I really wish I had some more time. Tickets are so cheap between SE Asian countries. Tickets from Kuala Lumpur to many countries are typically under forty bucks one-way. It will cost me twenty five dollars to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, granted the flight time is less than an hour but still, that's pretty cheap.

I did a little research for places to eat and free things to do while in Singapore. I am not trying to spend any more money than I have to while there. It is a very expensive place.

How did you spend your weekend?