Eight Rainy Hours in London

On the way over to Asia I had a thirteen hour layover in London. Instead of sitting around the Heathrow airport I decided to make a break for it and spend a few hours seeing a bit of London and catching up with a friend whom I'd met in Abu Dhabi.

I stored my bags at one of the many storage counters for a whopping eleven pounds per bag. I then purchased my ticket for the London Underground, which isn't the best option if you don't have a lot of time because it does take nearly an hour to get into central London. Since I had allotted myself eight full hours to do as I pleased, I was fine taking the slow option.
The ride on the underground gave me a chance to see some of the countryside and people watch.

True to form, it rained in London. It did put a slight damper on my ability to really walk around and explore the city but I tried to see as much as I could while dodging the rain.
I had a chance to see Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and of course Buckingham Palace.

After seeing as much as I could walking and taking a bus ride around the city, I hopped on the tube and headed over to west London to the town of Chiswick to meet up with my friend Cathy.
She was one of the first friends I made in Abu Dhabi and it was lovely catching up with her in her hometown. We chatted over delicious French dinner and she was sweet enough to drive me to the airport.

For the few hours I was there, I was charmed.
I love the architecture and vibe of the city plus I love the accent and it was cool hearing all the locals chatting away.

I'll be adding London to my bucket list because there is so much more to see and do and this little trip whet my appetite for more.