I'm a Balinese Chef

One of the things I was most excited about when I added Bali to my travel itinerary, was taking a cooking class. I did some research for the best classes in Ubud and settled on Jambangan Bali Cooking class. They were reasonably priced and provided free transportation to and from my hotel, a big plus.

The class was scheduled for my last day in Ubud and it worked out perfectly because it rained the entire day which made it almost impossible to go walking around the town. It was nice having the class to occupy my final hours in beautiful Bali.

The class was relatively small, there were eight of us and we cooked as a group. Everyone had a job and we were kept very busy. It felt like a proper cooking course.
Our teacher was funny even though her English wasn't always clear.

The class was very organized and flowed well. Lots of fresh ingredients and homemade coconut oil. I loved that we learned about Balinese culture as we were learning how to cook.

The dishes were delicious and were very simple to make.
We had so much food at the end and I ate well. I definitely got my money's worth.

the final product

the teacher

It's official, Im a professional now

I had a blast learning to cook Balinese food. Hopefully I'll be able to actually recreate some of the dishes at home.