Weekend Recap #9

Hey lovelies,
Happy Labor Day!
I hope you guys had a wonderful long weekend and did lots of fun things.

My weekend was rather low key. I had big plans of driving out to New Jersey and going to Cape May but the weather was not here for me. It was cold and rainy and just didn't make sense to drive out there.

The weather in Brooklyn on the other hand was lovely, so a spontaneous trip to Williamsburg for brunch was arranged. After brunch, since we were in the area, I decided to treat my friend to a yummy ice cream sandwich from The Good Batch over at Smorgasburg.
Friends, I had sworn that I wouldn't be returning to Smorgasburg because I've been there four times already this summer but the love of food brought me back. I couldn't help it.

After the ice cream sandwich, I ended eating a ginormous mango doused with lime, salt and hot sauce. OMG, it was sooooo good.
Admittedly, I was #teamtoomuch. I overdid it but it was worth every bite.

Saturday night was spent curled up on my couch, Netflixing and chillin something I haven't done in ages.

Sunday and Monday, I slept in until after 10. I NEVER sleep in so it was great. I did absolutely nothing exciting, unless you consider grocery shopping fun.

I'm okay with that though. Sometimes it's nice to do nothing.

Oh I have changed up my look. I went back to my tapered cut. I love this look so much. So easy and so fun. I feel super edgy.

Well there you have it folks.
Another weekend under wraps.
Also, sadly it is the official end of summer. I am really not looking forward to winter.
I'm already thinking and wishing of places to escape to.

How did you spend your weekend?