Weekly Wishes #4

Hi and welcome to my weekly wishes hosted by Melyssa at The Nectar Collective.

I did fairly well with last week's wishes. I managed to accomplish one of my two goals. Not too shabby.
For a refresher, check out my post here.

My goal to watch my spending was a fail. I went to the grocery store far too many times and bought loads of unnecessary stuff. I've realized that since I don't go shopping for clothes and shoes anymore, the grocery store has become my bad habit.
I have to be careful and limit myself to going once or twice a week and sticking to a list.

Gym was a success. I went 4 times. Woop. I have muscles y'all.

This week I am going to change my focus a little.

1. I need to practice my photography. I have a new camera and I've rarely used it, that needs to change. My wish is that I will find make the time to actually use my camera.

2. No sugar this week. I want to lose 2 pounds and I need to stick to my plan. The weekend is the problem so my wish is that I will have the will power to resist the temptations.

3. Plan for my December vacation. My wish is that I will have a solid plan formulated so that I can buy my ticket early while prices are still relatively cheap. I'm thinking Thailand. Any suggestions???? Feel free to offer them up.

Ok, folks that's it for today.
Ciao and have a wonderful week!


  1. I totally feel you on the grocery store thing. I don't let myself buy clothes and shoes but I let myself buy snacks, and those things add up!

    Best of luck with your goals this week, especially the photography part! I'm taking a free online course on Thursday-Saturday, I hope it will make me take more photos too.

  2. Are you staying away from fruit sugar as well?? Ugh that is so hard! Good luck!!! You can do it!!!! :)

    1. Hi Katie, I am eating fruits. I think it's more the processed sugars that are the problem. I don't have a lot of fruit but I make smoothies with them and I have some kind of fruit almost everyday for snack mainly berries.
      I don't want to give that up.
      You know, once you've gone without the sugar for a little, it is pretty easy. You find that you can actually say no to sweets. If you give though that is where the problem is. You begin to crave it again.

  3. grocery stores are evil when cutting back on spending!! I've heard amazing things about Thailand!! Hope your planning goes well!!

    1. Angela, you are so right about that. It is a battle!!
      I will post pics.


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