Weekly Wishes #11

Hey lovelies, it's that time again. The weekly wishes link-up sponsored by
The Nectar Collective.
I've written about my goals for the year already. Check it here, if you haven't read what they are.
I wanted to keep up with the weekly wishes posts because they've help me keep on track with achieving my goals. By having specific goals each week, I feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

You'll notice that I've also included my goals for the month of January. By making my goals into more bite-sized pieces I stand a better chance of being successful.
So here are my goals for the week:
  • stick to my meal plan
  • finish the book I am reading
  • work out a minimum of 4 times this week
This month's wishes/goals:
  • read 4 books. I love to read but haven't been spending as much time as I would like. I want to get back into making the time for one of my favorite hobbies. 
  • complete the Whole30 program. 
  • manage my time better. I spend a lot of time doing meaningless things and I end up feeling a little guilty because I neglect the important things i.e work for school. I want to be more productive
  • deep condition my hair every week. I need to take better care of my hair and show it some love. I want a big ol' afro and need to have healthy hair to achieve this.
  • read my bible everyday. 
  • go to church every week this month
  • use my camera more and learn how to use the tripod properly. this will be a recurring goal, still learning and growing. 

Head over to Melyssa's blog an check out all the awesomeness she has going on.


  1. Great goals, Kahleel! Good luck!

    I know another who is working on the Whole30 program and she's finding it challenging. If only because she wants ALL the sweets and pizza. :) Hope you're able to use your camera more too. That's one thing I'm really trying to work on myself.

    1. It is tough in the beginning but if she sticks to it, eventually it gets a lot easier. It takes time to change habits we have had years perfecting.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. o what a great link up and a great way to keep motivated :) good look with your goals for the week and month!


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