Weekly Wishes #40

Hi Lovelies,
I hope y'll had a wonderful weekend.

Only 1.5 weeks separates me from my trip to Vietnam. I'm super excited to go and eat Pho for the first time. I've heard how delicious it is and I've been saving myself for the most authentic experience. Where better to eat something than where it originated from?

Last Week's Goals
  • spend some alone time being reflective and refocusing on self. I am really happy with the way my week turned out. AS I mentioned in this post, I deleted my Instagram and Facebook apps from my phone. As simple as this sounds it made a huge difference in my life in a very short span of time. I spent time reflecting, goal planning and enjoying my own life experiences. 
  • Read. I began reading a new book, which is awesome. It's entitled Echoes of an Angel. It's the true story of a little boy who lost both his eyes to cancer but lived an extraordinary life. Such a motivation and inspirational story. 
  • Finalize my trip itinerary. Check!!! I'm sooooo excited
  • get passport pictures taken for my trip. Have to get this taken care of this week or over the weekend. 

This Week's Goals
  • Finish my book
  • gym 3x
  • get passport pictures taken
  • shop for travel items for trip
  • drink tons of water 
Alrighty my dears, enjoy your week and stay positive. 


  1. I just deactivated my Facebook a couple nights ago, and I am already feeling the positive effects. Getting to choose which social media upon which you focus (i.e.. blogs, blog Twitter accounts, Snapchat, etc) just makes things feel a lot more positive!

    1. It's so refreshing Britt. Life without Facebook, hmmm. Something to consider

  2. It is exciting to have details for a trip slowly coming together. Truly what better place to try pho than where it originated, that's pretty cool. I've actually never tried it either. Good luck with your goals. :)

    1. Thanks Felicia. Can't wait to share the experience.


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